We are on the lookout for enthusiastic, confident and passionate individuals to spread the Waxxxpress word.

Are we a perfect match? Being a Rep is a two-way street, we need qualified beauty professionals who LOVE our brand just as much as we do. It’s imperative to us that our Reps genuinely love our products and believe in our company (especially because your commissions are based on your ability to sell it!).

There are many benefits to joining the Waxxxpress family. There is the opportunity to grow into a Waxxxpress Trainer or move into another area of the business – not to mention a generous 10% discount on all Waxxxpress products!

  • We do not appoint more than one Rep per one million people per head of population in any Territory. This rule ensures our Reps have ample opportunities in their area.
  • All Reps receive a starter pack with information and marketing materials needed to get going as well as ongoing support from the Waxxxpress team.
  • There is no downside to becoming a Waxxxpress Rep. We ask that our Reps purchase (if you haven’t already) a 800g 2 Pot Waxxxing Starter Kit as it contains one of each of our best-selling products. This is essentially your ‘Reps Pack’ and can be used to demonstrate to prospective customers.
  • As a Rep, you can work when you want, where you want, and put in as much time as you like – there are no mandatory hours! All you need to do is educate Beauty Therapists/Estheticians about Waxxxpress and why we are the best choice.
  • Each person you sign up to Waxxxpress will receive a FREE waxxx upon registering. From then on, you will receive a 10% commission of the total amount spent with any order they place online with Waxxxpress. This means you can literally be making money while you sit at home, in your pj’s, with your feet up, drinking tea and eating cookies, or even better – while you sleep! Sounds good, doesn’t it! If this all sounds perfect for you, please read on!


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